2024 Events
NOTE: We do not run and operate any of the Demolition Derby events anymore!
We are only operating the Night of Destruction at the Grant County Fair in Lancaster.
Grant County Fair- August 18th at 2pm


Hello, my name is Joe Krantz and I am the founder and President of Hard Hit Promotions.  HHP was formed in 2006 after the Grant County Fair Board contacted my father and I to see if we were interested in running the show for the 2007 season.  HHP has been running the Grant County show in Lancaster, WI since and added in the “Night of Destruction” to the show that same year.  The “Night of Destruction” has sold out all years running to this date!  In 2009, we added the Blakes Prairie Fair in Bloomington, WI to our show schedule with a car demolition derby and truck demolition.  In 2013, we added the Crawford County Fair in Gays Mills, WI to our schedule. In 2017, we are added Richland County fair to our schedule.

Danny Bishop is our show operator, Mark Stoney, Roger Krantz, Jesse Fry and Mike Nihles are the refs alongs with Danny.  The ladies that keep the paperwork straight are Jill Gunnip and Kelly Bishop, We added Doug Collins to our crew as our announcer after the passing of our dear friend Tommy Greenwood. We have numerous volunteers that help out operate equipment, clean the track, and many other behind the scene activities.

In 2023, we decided to no longer operate the Demo Derbies and just stick with the Night of Destruction. While we enjoyed the ride, we are looking forward to having more of our summer to hang with our families.


-Joe Krantz